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Brilliant Ways To Advertise Business Development

Brilliant Ways To Advertise Business Development

complicated story now that the bankruptcy Business now the hurricane they’ve been negotiating with creditors to try and figure out how much money they’re gonna get back how likely though is it that the debt can just be wiped out you know I consider this the equivalent of Ford’s drop-dead to New York City comment which of course the headline the Daily News back in the s except in that case.

He had the ability to do something for New York City in this case it doesn’t make sense it’s not really possible for the federal government to eliminate the debt of immense municipality and you mentioned hedge funds let’s talk about them for a second separate from individual investors those hedge funds are very savvy investors who have been in the process of suing or negotiating and trying.

To you know figure out how what they’re gonna get back on their investments and by the way Trump knows extremely well what is like to deal with bondholders who are savvy bondholders who doesn’t just say okay fine you know we’ll we’ll wipe the dead away and call it a day before exactly where Castle Alexandra Alexandra if you’re an individual investor and say you have exposure through mutual funds.

Etas of the like given the fluidity of the the situation down there how concerned should you be so that’s a really interesting question because you were showing that graph before the quarter Ito eighths that we’re already training in forty four cents on the dollar went down to and they did rally somewhat today but if they’re already at forty four you’re you’re kind of in a bad situation already now the good thing is that there are not individual Puerto Rico municipal bond.