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Facts About “Employee Retention Programs” That You Need to Know.

Facts About “Employee Retention Programs” That You Need to Know.

Some of his hyper for  performers and that they there just was  not a lot of fairness there and then Employee Retention Programs there was just truly a lack of career path and that specifically was the  thing that Charlie dinged the HR team on  is that employees didn’t know what career paths were available to them.

Employee Retention Programs

if they identified a path that was  interested that was interesting to them  they didn’t understand what the gap was  you know can I get into Employee Retention Programs this if I’m not  a fit because I’ve been told I’m not a  fit what do I need to do to close the  gap and that was very frustrating so  these may be reasons that you’ve heard  in your own organization.

It might sound  familiar because these are some popular  issues that tend to happen as  organizations continue to grow so Sarah  needed to better understand that  phenomena those four points and others  at a much granular level so the first  thing she did is she looked at Employee Retention Programs all the  exit interview data that she could find  and she found about , I’m just going  to call them worksheets it was all paper and her desk pretty much looked like  this and her goal was to first and foremost develop a tracking spreadsheet  with all the key pieces of information  that she wanted to be able to run  reports on and she didn’t start with  everything.

She started with a few that  you see here she categorized into  voluntary or involuntary and then  special characteristics so things like age gender do people leave because of their manager so that she could start querying on this information the problem with those , forms is some of it was outdated because she she found data across three or four years but a lot of the data within that was unusable.