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10 Facts You Never Knew About Wedding Planner.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Wedding Planner.

Here’s What No One Tells You About Wedding Planner

I am completely okay with handling  that I’ve handled the worst but you know  we’re gonna get through this  and.

wedding planner

You guys are gonna have the best  wedding dinner yeah so I will see you in  a week from today  p.m. you’ll good  I’ll call from my office just reminding  you of the date and the time all right.

I’ll see you guys soon my wedding planner I decided to make one  all on my own after doing a ton of  research and looking at a lot of wedding  planners I decided that I was going to  do.

My own because there’s a lot of  unnecessary stuff and all the other  wedding plans planners that I just think  I didn’t need so everything in here I am  super happy with and I can’t wait to  show you so let’s just get right into it  so this is the binder it’s just.

Here’s What People Are Saying About Wedding Planner

This  like Tiffany blue color and this may or  may not be one of the colors of my  wedding but that’s another Wedding Planner story anyway  so I am going to just get right into it  and thing I do want to say is that  nothing is filled out that’s the reason  why I’m doing this so early is because.

I  want to show you guys my planner before  I write in it so you guys can kind of get a feel for it get your own ideas and  I’m not sharing a whole bunch of  information so here we go  so the first thing.

you see when I open  my planner is all of this stuff and it  has like corkage outlining the only thing  that sucks about this binder is that.